Our Story

How It All Began

Welcome to the Tonic Truck! We are Dave and Kelsey, a long long time ago in the frozen lands of Maine we met working at a bar in the downtown of Bangor Maine. We happen to go out for a friendly drink after work one night;  ended up falling in love over a few beers and many laughs and the rest is history for us.

We quickly made big dreams to leave the tundra and get to the sand and sunshine of the south. We landed in Charleston and instantly fell in love with the area, the architecture, and the low county lifestyle. Moving down here allowed us to move our small passion project of photography called Kelsey Halm Photography and turn it into a full-time dream. We have loved every second of the weddings that we have had the honor of capturing with only one problem... we wanted more! 

Which brings us to The Tonic Truck. 

We want to share the beauty of classic American engineering with a satisfying refreshing drink while hanging out with awesome wedding guests. Who doesn't love a wedding right?!

So we have a few simple rules and goals: 

1. Always have fun

2. Serve Delicious Drinks

3. Share the classic style of American engineering

Sláinte! (Cheers!)

-Dave & Kelsey