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20 Ways to say Cheers!


A celebration wouldn’t be the same without one merry wish: cheers!

First recorded as “”makien cheres” in 1225 AD, the phrase evolved to “what chere be with you?” in the 14th century which was a common greeting in England. Eventually, ‘chere’ began to mean good humor. In 1919, the phrase was first written as the “cheers” we know today. With wedding season in full swing you never know where you'll find yourself!

So, wherever you may be in the world, here is a guide on how to say ‘Cheers’ in 20 different languages, while the image above shows you how to say ‘Beer’ when travelling around Europe.

Afrikaans: Gesondheid Pronounced: Ge-sund-hate Meaning: Health

Chinese (Mandarin):干杯 / gān bēi Pronounced: Gan bay Meaning: Cheers

Czech: Na zdravi Pronounced: Naz-drah vi Meaning: Cheers

Dutch: Proost Pronounced: Prohst Meaning: Cheers

French: Santé! / À votre santé! Pronounced: Sahn-tay / Ah la vo-tre sahn-tay Meaning: To your health

German: Prost / Zum wohl Pronounced: Prohst / Tsum vohl Meaning: Cheers/ to your health

Greek: ΥΓΕΙΑ Pronounced: Yamas Meaning: Health

Irish Gaelic: Sláinte Pronounced: Slawn-cha Meaning: Health

Italian: Salute / Cin cin Pronounced: Saw-lutay / Chin chin Meaning: Health/ cheers

Japanese: 乾杯/ Kanpai Pronounced: Kan-pie Meaning: Cheers/ Empty the glass

Korean: 건배 Pronounced: Gun bae Meaning: Cheers/ toast

Lithuanian: į sveikatą Pronounced: Ee sweh-kata Meaning: To your health

Moldovan: Noroc Pronounced: No-rock Meaning: Luck

Polish: Na zdrowie Pronounced: Naz-droh-vee-ay Meaning: To your health

Portugese: Saúde Pronounced: Saw-OO-de Meaning: Health

Russian: Будем здоровы/ На здоровье Pronounced: Budem zdorovi/ Na zdorovie Meaning: To your health (It is interesting to note that most Russians rarely use this expression, and the above is used more by foreigners. Russians will change their wishes based on the person and celebration.)

Spanish: Salud Pronounced: Sah-lud Meaning: Health

Swedish: Skål Pronounced: Skawl Meaning: Cheers (and don’t forget to look everyone in the eye!)

Welsh: Iechyd da Pronounced: Yeh-chid dah Meaning: Good health

Yiddish: Sei gesund Pronounced: Say geh-sund Meaning: Be healthy


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